Funeral Directors

New England Organ Bank is dedicated to serving our donor families and our community through organ and tissue donation. This mission cannot be accomplished without the partnership of funeral home professionals whose work is providing care for families of the recently deceased.

NEOB partners with the funeral service community to provide information about the need for donated organs and tissues as well as the details about the donation process. This collaboration allows us to work together to support families in the early stages of their grief journey and to ensure that the family can carry out their funeral plans.

NEOB’s Donation Liaison for funeral service works with funeral professionals to facilitate a seamless transition of the care of the donor from donation to funeral service. Our Donation Liaison is available in real time to provide funeral homes statff with information to ensure the highest quality of care for our shared donor families.

One resource funeral homes find particularly helpful is the Best Practices document produced by the National Funeral Directors Association. That resource can by found on the organization’s website.

Our Donation Liaison for funeral homes can be contacted at and direct line 617-558-6663.